Banana Republic | Spring Collection 2017

 Banana Republic | Spring Collection 2017

A couple of weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to be the face of Banana Republic’s Spring Styling event in Frisco, TX. WHAT AN HONOR! The in-store event was a way to share the Spring Collection with everyone through my eyes and style shoppers that came in.

As I do before all my events, I go try on {which is so much fun} and pick out my personal favorites to share! If you follow me on IG stories, you saw me in the dressing room, snapping away!

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I’ll be honest with you, I hadn’t been to Banana in a minute mainly because my lifestyle doesn’t call for business attire on the regular. When I think of Banana, I don’t think of casual wear, I think, work wear. However, there are times that I do need more of a business look and what I loved most about Banana’s Spring collection are all the colors they incorporate into office attire. For the record, they have luscious tees and incredible denim and black skinnies that fit wonderfully. Not to mention the classic dresses! Since this event’s main promoting was for pants, I passed on the dresses but I’ve linked my faves from the collection HERE!

When you think office, business or dressy casual attire, you think cheesy patterns, black and white. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good black and white outfit and most times you see me, you can bet i’ll be in both but Spring and Fall call for warm or bright pops of color! Just look at how fun these pants are!


I almost didn’t try them on but decided with this denim blouse I needed to and just look at the outcome! ALL OUT C H I C !Something really cool about this look is the fact that when I picked it up I didn’t realize that it  wasn’t a trench until I walked out of the dressing room and the Manager of the store said that she loved how I styled it as an over the shoulder jacket because it was a DRESS! One word: VERSATILE

I love pieces you can do so much with! You get your money’s worth, for sure!

This off the shoulder blouse had me at HELLO!


* * * * * * *



img_0136Of course my Momma and sweet family (niece, Preslyn Crystal is shown with her) came to support and SHOP! We raise ’em right!

My gorgeous friends, Bethany (left) and Kristi (right) modeled how different body types looked in this blouse that was definitely the hit of the night!

Going out to model this look!

Making new friends!

How CHIC is this pin striped blouse??? Esp with these pants! They reminded me of my dad so much! I’m his twin anyways and i felt like him in these so much! The blue color is great and these pants are comfy as all get out!Yallllll, these heels are FAB! Banana peeps call them the 12-hour heels because you are supposed to last 12 hours in them-it’s no lie. They really do. I bought them! img_0130And that’s a WRAP!

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Much Love, Loves,


Photography | Kristi Patel {IG @ksypatel}

P.S. Did you notice my hair? @rachel.rush is a queen!

A special thank you to the Banana Republic staff at Stonebriar Centre in Frisco, TX. Manager, Morgan Nobles, I appreciate your leadership. You have a great team!

| Lily Claire | The Handbag that Gives Back 

| Lily Claire | The Handbag that Gives Back 

It all began with this bag…

I’ll tell you more about this classy bag in just a few secs…

One of my very favorite things about being a blogger are the people you meet along the way. I became familiar with the Lily Claire handbag early 2016 when #NarrowCollective and I did a giveaway.  I was able to meet with the owner, Lisa Sooter one evening at her Dallas home to hear her love for the brand and how it got started. Read more about the company from Lisa’s heart here.

What I love most about this brand besides the fact that their bags are extremely chic, modern AND the best quality {they are hand made here in the USA}. VERY WELL MADE!

I chose the Chestnut & White bucket bag {get my exact one HERE}. I love how versatile it is and how much it holds! I love having all my camera gear, phone and all my purse essentials! Hey, a girl’s gotta have her gloss! Not only is this bag one-of-a-kind, it’s also made of authentic cow skin and the best smelling leather you’ve ever smelled. It’s seriously dreamy and goes with so much.

Check out my poses with this doll of a bag:

Phewww…that was a fun photoshoot! All pics were taken by my one and only love, Raymond! ❤️️ We went away to Austin for a weekend and it served as the perfect weekender! Either styles are great for travel. Which brings me to the next one I chose AND to the story that I started before…

Remember how I told you in the beginning how it started with JUST ONE BAG!?!

Well, if you didn’t click on the link to the website to ready the full story, here’s the gist in her own words:

“It started with a bag that I loved and carried for over a decade. A bag that became my go to bag for every day and for travel. A bag that was so functional and lightweight and classic that I carried it in every season and for every reason. A bag that traveled with me for business and for pleasure, in the U.S. and internationally. A bag that my male colleagues were so fond of they named it the “carpet bag”. I loved my carpet bag and so did everyone else. People stopped me on the street to ask about it. They stopped me in malls, in foreign countries, at the hairdresser, at the coffee shop, on airplanes—EVERYWHERE.”

How amazing is that? She goes on to say what her passion for making these bags is…

“From the start it was always to be a business that wanted to make money only to give it away. God was clear that the reason for Lily Claire was to give away 100% of its profits to wherever He directed.”

Lily Claire’s profit’s are currently going to the charity {not me, heehee}, Child to Child USA. They provide education, food and clothing to children in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. Check them out HERE. I mean, for real, who doesn’t want to have an amazing bag while you help out children in a third- world country!

Get the Classic Lily Here {you won’t regret it, in fact, you’ll thank me!}

F I N A L | T H O U G H T S :

I LOVE carrying both of these bags because of the story that goes along with it. When people ask me {like they did Lisa, I get so many compliments on these bags} I feel great about myself and what it represents.

I also love that Lily and Claire are Lisa’s daughters and the names behind this adorable brand. You know I know about keepin’ it all in the family! 😉

Stay tuned to Lily Claire’s new and improved website, coming soon! But shop away and share this story with all your peeps. Let’s make 2017 their year to help out more kids than ever!

Much love, loves,





Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and ladies, I know a gift you will love receiving this love day! Your very own, unique, feminine, classy, wooden watch. I never thought about having a wooden watch until JORD reached out and gifted me this gorgeous timepiece. It’s one of the coolest women’s watches I have ever worn. Plus, they have men’s watches too, hint, hint, ladies! I’m definitely getting Raym one (shh, don’t tell him)! I love how earthy it is, easy to pair with outfits and soooo lightweight. I’m also loving how unique it is and how much people notice it vs. a metal/leather one. No one has anything like it unless it’s a JORD!

Check out how I’ve fit it into my wardrobe + lifestyle over the past few months…#sorrynotsorry for the pic overload, I just truly love wearing and styling this watch! 😉 I like pushing the limits with it sometimes and it always works out in my favor and gives my outfit an edgy yet sophisticated, casual chicy look.  Imagine your options!

| I LOVE the packaging it comes in! A wooden box for my wooden watch! |

Channeling my inner #CaraDelevingne

| Perfect for a coffee date |

| Pretty in Pink |

Clearly, this watch is super versatile and a must-have for your wardrobe. TIP: I’ve found that having different accessories with unique textures mixed in with your wardrobe really make all the difference for an outfit. It’s called details and they always go noticed rather than unnoticed. 😉 I used to not care to accessorize that much but since I’ve been in the industry, I’ve learned that less is more and with this piece, I couldn’t be more right!

Now onto the shopping!!!

Get my EXACT watch HERE 

Shop women’s AKA you,  HERE

Shop your your for your man, bf, bae, baby daddy, dad, bro, etc HERE

Much Love, loves and HAPPY LOVE MONTH!!


Holiday Season Dress Ideas 

Holiday Season Dress Ideas 

I know I’m a little late getting to Holiday dresses but I wanted to share these finds with you guys. Juuusttt in case you haven’t found anything yet. I’m glad I waited to post  because a lot of the things are ON SALE now!!


I bought this little number for a friend’s bachelorette party but then I thought why stop there? This would even be perfect as a New Year’s dress or date night {your man would love it}! Depending on where you’re located you could pair it with a fur coat {TX is currently 70 degrees} like the Rebecca Taylor one I’ve styled below…



I bought this floral shift dress back at the beginning of Fall and picked it out for an upcoming photo shoot because the colors were gorgeous! Not only was it extremely comfortable, it was very effortless and the colors POP! Even though I thought of it for Christmas, I ended up wearing it to a lot of different events. Definitely a MUST HAVE and only $24!

Here are pics from my family photo shoot and the babydoll below is my sweet niece! So photogenic!

| DRESS: SHEIN  | EARRINGS: BAUBLEBAR SIMILAR | SHOES: Sold out but from ZARA but found these that would go great |


This Rebecca Taylor coat was the perfect addition to this dress. If you haven’t thought about your New Year’s outfit, I highly recommend it. Especially if you live somewhere cold. This baby is WARM! Now to the dress! I chose it because it’s a simple little style and the color is great! The lace at the top makes it sophisticated and sexy as well! A whopping $14! Links are below 😉

| DRESS: SHEIN | COAT: Rebecca Taylor  |

Much Love, Loves,


H A P P Y | N E W |  Y E A R

| Black + White Gingham | 

| Black + White Gingham | 

Hey babes, I’ve had a lot of you reach out to me for deets on this top! I know, I was obsessed when I laid eyes on it and best part is, it’s $23! The sleeves are my absolute FAVE!! I’m wearing a size Medium. Remember to size UP on this website at least 1 size. It’s hard to see in the pics but the top of the mock neck collar is actually split there which makes it extra chic! Also, I’ve had this gorgeous faux leather skirt for over 2 years and received tons of compliments. I love dressing it up and down with my adidas or sexy pumps-seriously, gorgeous with both. I’ve linked one skirt that’s even cuter than the one I have. Great little staple!

All details below. Happy shopping!



Top: get it HERE | Skirt: H&M Faux Leather | Booties: SIMILAR | Hangbag: Celine | Sunnies: Ray-Ban Nordstrom | Hair + MUA for this shoot: Rachel Rush (IG:Rachel.Rush) | Photographer: Jeremiah Warren (IG: Jeremiahjw)

C U R R E N T | H A I R

C U R R E N T | H A I R

Alright guys, you may have noticed my hair got longer overnight. No, I wasn’t taking hair, skin and nail vitamins for the past week and it magically grew…haha. My hairdresser and personal bff, Rachel {IG:@rachel.rush} had asked me about getting extensions to try something new. If you remember, I asked her to cut my hair almost 12 inches 2 summers ago and instead of growing it out and waiting I went for the instant gratification–HAIR EXTENSIONS!!!

| P R I O R |T O| I N S T A L L A T I O N |

Prior to Rachel giving me extensions, she highly recommended I get a Trissola Smoothing Treatment. There are 2 options: Option 1} Trissola True is a smoothing treatment like Brazilian Blowout that has waaaaaay less harsh chemicals, 75% less to be exact, than the Brazilian Blowout. Option 2} Trissola Solo treatment that has absolutely NO harsh chemicals. I went with the Trissola True because it’s the stronger formula and since my hair is more coarse and naturally wavy I deal with a lot of frizz, so choosing this step before the extensions was a no brainer for me to reduce blow-dry time since I was adding more hair to my already thick mane!

I’m very conscious when it comes to chemicals and Rachel is too, so it’s great that we don’t have to sacrifice our health for having sooth, sleek hair like we used to have to with the Brazilian Blowout!

Thank you, TRISSOLA!

Sidenote: Trissola is not a permanent straightener, it is just to smooth out frizz and reduce blow-dry time. However, you will still retain your curl pattern if you choose to air dry your hair. Also, this treatment is not necessary for you to have extensions, depending on your hair it may be a good option and lasts up to 3 months.

Now here’s the GOOD STUFF: Rachel is offering 25% off the Trissola Smoothing Treatment {regularly $300} for my readers in the month of January 2017 only. To book, call or text 972.838.7332 and use code “CHRISSOLA25”

Oh and here’s a pic right after the treatment: I couldn’t stop touching my hair. It was so sexy, sleek silky, and smooth.

| I N S T A L L A T I O N |

Rachel used the brand HOT HEADS which are TAPE-IN EXTENSIONS. I had only ever heard of clip and sew-in extensions so when she said tape, I couldn’t wrap my brain around having a tape in my hair…would they fall out easy? I was also a little nervous about what they would look like. How they would feel? Would the tape hurt my scalp? Even though I had all these questions, at the end of the day, I completely trust Rachel and she has never steered me wrong. She’s always keeping up with the latest trends and making sure my locks are always up to date! SO despite my doubts, I happily went. #trust

As I sat in her chair {her suite is amazing, btw} I just let her work her magic. I noticed all the different colors of hair extensions she would be installing {that word always cracks me up when it comes to hair} and I was like, “Whoa, these look bright and maybe too red for my hair…will they look good?” {see pics above} But as I mentioned before, Rach has never steered me wrong. 😉 As she began to install {heehee} them, I was blown away by how natural it looked, the colors blended absolutely perfect and best part is, no pain and they felt and looked like my real hair…

And just like that!

V O I L A!

{insert early 90’s, high-energy photoshoot music}

Again, no surprise that it looked fabulous because duh, it’s Rachel!!! I love that she completely customized my hair based on the look I wanted to create. Maybe you want to go darker, maybe lighter? I just wanted warm and natural. WHATEVER YOU NEED, she will make it look perfect and exceed your expectations, completely.

Now onto…

| M A I N T E N A N C E |

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that maintaining these extensions isn’t a hard task. I washed my hair for the first time exactly 3 days later. 2 things to note when you have these: 1} Not using conditioner on your scalp, just the middle and ends of your hair.  You can shampoo your entire head but conditioner will loosen them up. 2}  Blow-dry your hair IMMEDIATELY after you shower. Reason being, the tape will loosen up if wet for too long. If you’re feeling lazy, just blow-dry your scalp/tape to get it dry and let the ends air dry. As long as your scalp and the tape are dry, you’re good to go!

 Another key in maintaining these lovely extensions is going in every 6-8 weeks so that the extensions are moved up since our hair is always growing. You get them re-taped up to 3 times before you will need new hair.

So if you find yourself wanting these, I say go for it! I’m so glad I did!


xxoo and M E R R Y | C H R I S T M A S, Charity

Dress: H&M In-store | Booties: ZARA booties | Hangbag: Celine | Sunnies: Ray-Ban Nordstrom | Hair + MUA for this shoot: Rachel Rush (IG:Rachel.Rush) to book, call or text 972.838.7332 for a consultation, Dallas, TX based | Photographer: Jeremiah Warren (IG: Jeremiahjw)

My Stunning $20 Dress 

My Stunning $20 Dress 

A couple weekends ago I had the pleasure of being in my friend Courtney’s wedding. I’m sure you saw the adorable pics on my Instagram. It was a gorgeous wedding.

The day prior to the big day, we had a bridal brunch in Fort Worth at Zodiac inside of Neiman Marcus and girls being girls, we just had to shop!! A few of the girls and I walked over to H&M  and they were having  a huge sale! Of course, we went crazy, flying in and out of the dressing room trying things on and even though we had all brought outfits to wear for the rehearsal dinner happening that night, we wanted something NEW! Haha, I told you girls will be girls! 😂 I was walking out of the dressing room when my friend Sundee passed by me with this gorgeous long explosion of a dress and the first thing that caught my eye were the fun sleeves! I had to have it at that moment no matter the price {well, 😏 maybe the price, a little} but I had to have it! What a statement those sleeves made! Talk about stop and stare! Take a look…

The next thing I needed to know was how long it was on this little 5’1″ body! I tried it on and it was perfect! I needed a size 6 {H&M always runs small and I don’t find that they are true to size in most things} but they only had an 8 and although it looked bigger on me I liked the  way it fell on me. Not too big and not too small.

3 words that describe how I felt in this dress:




I paired my #ZARA black midi boots (not pictured but will link)  with it for a super winter feel! Soooo warm and chic!

Now here’s the deal on how to get this dress…get to your nearest H&M asap because I’m not seeing it on their website which means they may all the sold out online and what’s left will be in stores. There were a lot when I was there but that was a few weeks back! This dress is worth it though! Again, only $20 buckaroos!

Let me know how it goes, if you find it and HAVE FUN! Make an early Christmas shopping trip out of it with a girlfriend and don’t forget to tag me along the way via social media! Love hearing from my peeps out there!

Until next time…much love, loves.

xxoo, Charity

Dress: H&M In-store | Booties: ZARA booties | Hangbag: Celine | Sunnies: Ray-Ban Nordstrom | Hair + MUA for this shoot: Rachel Rush (IG:Rachel.Rush) | Photographer: Jeremiah Warren (IG: Jeremiahjw)



Happy Fall, yall!!!! OMG, today is 70 degrees and you would think it’s 40 the way I’m dressed! I’m embracing the slightly cooler temps and getting ready to head out to my family’s in East Texas for our annual fall fest! I look forward to it every single year! We’ll have hay rides, roast weenies (on the coolest sticks that have been carved just for roasting), S’mores and so much family fun!! I can’t wait! But before I go, I wanted to post about this super cool gloss I’ve been using now for over a month! It’s called Lipsense, maybe you’ve heard of it!? If you haven’t, get on the horn and order it because it’s legit. It’s guaranteed to last up to 18 hours and it honestly exceeds that! Keep in mind, it’s not a lip stain, Lipsense creates a molecular bond on top of your skin and doesn’t penetrate into the lips. Not trying to get too sciency but just thought you should know the difference!

My thoughts: IT LASTS OVER 8 HOURS!!! It’s like a no crustiness, dryness, doesn’t come off at all, all day type of thing!!! You get it? Plus, there are so many colors to choose from. I am about to order Bravo as my nude color. There’s nothing better than a pretty nude that lasts all day! Yay!

I will admit, I was a little skeptical at first because I’ve never used anything that lasts this long and honestly, it will last way longer than you think. I just gloss every 4-6 hours or so to keep my lipsies nice and shiny! If i’m going for a more matte lip (which I always put on my lips, not really into sparkles for my lips) than I just don’t gloss as much.

Here’s what comes in the starter kit:

My friend Shelby Romans (my lipsense girl) included this great card (which is the back of her business card) with all the instructions. It’s completely dummy-proof!


Now, I want to see you with your Lipsense lips banging, so tag me in all your social media posts so I can see ya rock it!

To order, simply shoot Shelby an email:

Check out her FB Page HERE

Now, off to roast some weenies!!



Stripes n’ Clogs 

Stripes n’ Clogs 

D E T A I L S :

TOP: SHEIN Baby doll striped blouse here  | JEANS: GAP Outlet | SHOES: I found a similar pair HERE | BAG: ZARA mini crossbody | WATCH: Daniel Wellington |

Hope you’re enjoying this lovely season, beauties! Hopefully TX cools down a little more. Can’t wait to bust out the scarves, boots and gloves!



Simple Little White Dress {Wedding Shower Idea}!

Simple Little White Dress {Wedding Shower Idea}!

With Summer quickly coming to an end {first day of Fall is September 22nd-woot woot}, there’s still time to wear your pretty, crisp, white things. I snagged this dress from a website I’ve really enjoyed shopping lately, Shein. They are so reasonably priced and very fashionable, just pay attention to the sizing when you place your order and TAKE YOUR MEASUREMENTS BEFOREHAND!!!  I should have sized up on this one because it seemed a little tight in the bust {again, should have measured before} but I liked the way it ended up fitting. What sold me were the scalloped details, the price, the V-cut at the bust, the price and oh yea, the price! Haha…so chic and easy breezy!

I would also recommend this dreamy dress to anyone getting married. It’s perfect for wedding showers, bachelorette party and even the honeymoon! I plan on lending to a friend of mine for her wedding festivities, you know people always throw 2 or more showers these days!

Order my dress here! | Happy Shopping, loves & enjoy this fun website!

XXOO, Charity