Sam’s Fine Jewelry | A Love Story

Sam’s Fine Jewelry | A Love Story

Raymond and I celebrated 5 years of marriage this past August. What a journey it’s been. All I can say is, God is good and He has blessed me with one INCREDIBLE man. Anyone who knows him knows he’s beyond AMAZING and truly my better half.

Let’s go back to where it all began…

Many moons ago…circa 2010 when we were just babes. We had been dating for 6 years since high school and were both attending different colleges. Raymond was playing football AND soccer for SAGU and I was working and going to a local community college after spending one year there with him. I remember it being tough juggling our semi-long distance relationship and my full-time job plus college but we made it work. The thought of marriage was at the top of our minds and we knew were ready to officially begin our life together. It was time to start looking at wedding rings.

We knew of a locally-owned-and-operated fine jewelry store at Firewheel Mall in Garland called Sam’s Fine Jewelry. We had passed by it a hundred times going to other places within the mall, Gloria’s restaurant, mostly. LOL. It was a special evening. There are so many emotions involved in picking out the ring the two of you will wed in…it’s an ALL THE FEELS occasion, let me tell ya.

When we walked in the door, we were greeted by the loveliest smile known to mankind. Seema Patel’s smile, that is. Imagine the most genuine, heartfelt person in the world and that’s her. We could tell from the moment we walked in she cared about US and WHY we came in. She immediately took us and we began playing in rings, only after she asked us to tell her our love story. There’s no way you could ever feel like just a wallet in this place, everyone was so pleasant, warm, and attentive.

The bridal selection couldn’t have been better. We sat for a couple of hours and custom built our very own gorgeous wedding ring.

A few months later…BAM!



He proposed to me after a romantic ride in a hot air balloon surrounded by family!

4 months later…the wedding.


The thing I love most about SFJ, is the genuine interaction they have with you. Afterall, this is a happy industry. They literally get to help you choose your lifelong gems that will eventually turn into family heirlooms. It’s a big deal in the first place and you find you become close to each other. In this industry, I think people get connected to one jeweler and that’s fine but it’s not realistic to think that one person will be there day in and day out. It’s important to know you will be properly taken care of by EVERYONE in Sam’s Fine Jewelry.  I have never been into the store, where I wasn’t greeted and treated like a Queen by the staff. They ALL genuinely care about why you’re there, what’s going on in your life and before you know it you’re texting each other regularly, are Facebook friends, and you follow each other on Instagram. That’s the sort of relational service you receive at SFJ.

As I mentioned earlier, this year Raymond and I celebrated 5 years of marriage. In honor of the occasion, we picked out the most darling stackable bands a la SFJ, of course.

Here’s what we chose…


I love the style of the look, edgy but classic all at the same time. Very non-traditional and I get tons of compliments not only for my original oval-shaped diamond but how amazing the trio look together! We couldn’t be happier.

I’m glad Raymond decided to “Say it with Sam’s” and chose the most genuine, classy place to do all of our fine jewelry business!

* * * * * * *

Shop my stackable wedding bands here + here.

Follow @samsfinejewelry on Facebook + Instagram and visit their website here.

Love you all and as always, much love, loves!

Charity xx

Daniel Wellington | Fall Release: The Classic Petite Ashfield {discount code}

Daniel Wellington | Fall Release: The Classic Petite Ashfield {discount code}

I don’t think Daniel Wellington produces a bad watch. I really don’t. They are the epitome of classy style that can be worn as arm candy on a daily basis.

And their latest, is no exception. Earlier this Fall, they released the Classic Petite Ashfield watch. Now, you may remember my other IG posts about my DW Classic Black Sheffield watch with the gorgeous, black leather band. How this one differs is that it has a mesh band instead of a leather one which makes it easy to style with dressier items such as ball gowns, LBD’s (Little Black Dresses), dressy casual attire for work or while enjoying a nice cup of french press at your local coffee shop, as pictured! 🙂

I have enjoyed this watch so much and I know you will to! I am constantly getting compliments on it and find myself wearing it on a DAILY BASIS. Definitely my GO TO WATCH 😉 and since I already have the cuff, it pairs perfectly, if I do say so myself!

Now for the part you have all been waiting for…enjoy 15% off of my watch or whatever you find to your liking on their website HERE using code CHARITY15 | That’s right, anything off their website…15% off your entire order {insert surprise face emoji} until November 8th. So share this with ya friends, even men too!

you deserve it babes!

Much Love, Loves,



Sseko | Wear this Brand. Send a Girl to College.

Sseko | Wear this Brand. Send a Girl to College.

Sseko is a brand like no other. When you buy clothes, shoes, oversized luggage bags, do you ever dream of those funds actually going to help someone. Much less actually help an impoverished woman go to college! But at Sseko {pronounced Say-ko} that’s exactly what happens and I couldn’t be more excited to share this brand with you…see more of their story here. The videos are so inspiring!

You see…I am all about empowering women in every way I possibly can. With this brand, we have the perfect opportunity to help just by purchasing from their very wide selection. Have you seen their leather bags?? Obsessed is an understatement! I am already wanting one for Fall!!! Check them out here! I have a discount code at the bottom so keep reading and share with your friends 😉

Ssekos are perfect pool side!

Did you see my unveiling on IG stories? If not, watch this. I love how they package each pair of sandals!

This could not be ore amazing…

So if after you read this and you’re like me and want everything on their website, “lucky for you {that’s what I like!} I have a DISCOUNT CODE! Enter ‘LOVECHARITY’ for 15% off at checkout and start shopping here because it’s only valid through the end of August. Hello Fall Style! Check out how I styled them…

Sseko White Gold Crossover Slides are my jam!
Bella loves Mommy in her Ssekos!

I’ll be updating outfits with these loves on as I go so be sure to check back here and on IG.  + Shop my EXACT sandals here!

Much Love, Loves!

Charity S.

btw, today is mine and Raymond’s 5th ANNIVERSARY!!!! Cabo is NEXT week!!!! Woohoo!

C I T Y L I N E | Best kept secret in Dallas “burbs” 

C I T Y L I N E | Best kept secret in Dallas “burbs” 

Happy almost Summer, loves! As I sit here writing, I’m thinking back on my first evening I ever spent at Cityline. I had a friend in from out-of-town and wanted to take her somewhere fun and away from all the places I see on a daily basis, without having to drive into Dallas {it was a Friday evening and I didn’t feel like fighting traffic}. One key fact about me: I am NOT a creature of habit. In fact, I despise doing the same thing all the time. I gotta change it up a lot. HOWEVER, when I find a place that has cool vibes, I can’t help myself.

CITYLINE does this for me and has one of the coolest vibes I’ve seen this side of I-635 in a while.

Raymond and I lived in Downtown Dallas right after we were married and got spoiled by all the eclectic {non-chain} places to go eat and hang out in the Downtown/Uptown/Deep Ellum neighborhoods. When we moved back to the “burbs” we were like, chain restaurants galore and hardly any health conscious places. As I mentioned before, I’m not a creature of habit and quite honestly, chains aren’t my cup of tea. I like supporting local when possible and I definitely like good food. So we found ourselves tearing up the highways to hit up our spots in D-town. Y’all have seen my Instagram, ya girl can eat 😉

First Night at Cityline | 12.22.16

So last year I kept noticing the “State Farm building” started putting up restaurant signs off President George Bush Highway and a few of them I recognized such as Coal Vines, Tom + Chee and I thought to myself, their going to build this place up now that State Farm people are here. It’s going to be a little State Farm world. I mean , come on, that’s a lot of employees! Little did I know, it was going to turn into this amazing place that I would go to every chance I got!

Now, Cityline is huge. I had actually gone to Phase 1 back in the last Summer because Ray and I heard there was a Taco Diner there-OUR FAVE, yes i know it’s a chain but the atmosphere is cool and that green sauce they serve I could DRINK! So we went there and realized there was a Whole Foods, Pei Wei, Luna Market, Starbucks, and even a Mod Market {which is a yummy farm-to-table restaurant that serves up a lush American fare–think homestyle healthy}!

Phase 2 is more sit down, sit back and relax type restaurants. A little higher end type places for business meetings, night out on the town type places but still a very reasonable price. I’ve been to pretty much that entire strip and here’s where my adventures have led me to eat and experience thus far…

TRICKY FISH | SEAFOOD Tricky fish serves up some of the best cajun seafood Raymond and I have ever eaten and the price point can’t be beaten! Hello, raw oysters on the half-shell for $12.99 in Dallas?? NOT kidding! Plus, delicious gumbo even our Louisiana cajuns loved!


Top Pot had yummy coffee but their doughnuts weren’t anything to write home about and the variety wasn’t there either. I will definitely try them out again because it had just opened when I went so give it a try for sure, even if you just have a Cup o’ Joe!


The friendly staff and food just can’t be beat. I’m also a huge hot sauce eater/drinker and I love that they serve 4 completely different sauces with the delicious, crisp chips. Spicy and non-spicy! I can’t believe I haven’t taken more photos than this but it seems their food just finds it’s way to my mouth before I can click a camera! I only have this one of the shrimp cocktail which was full of big gulf shrimp and took me back to my Veracruz, Mexico, my dad’s home state. Veracruz is known for their seafood and I have JUST the tastebuds to scope it out!


Steak & Mushroom | California Roll with Snow Crab | Green Hulk Roll

Fried Green Ice Cream 


Now you all know my love for my “babies” AKA my nephew, Packy Butt and neice, Pressy Butt, I spoil these angels rotten! I brought them to Cityline’s LIVE MUSIC SERIES that’s still going on, by the way, and we had a blast! Just look at this flatlay I captured of them eating at my favorite BBQ spot! This was Union’s Happy Hour, $2 tacos, $4 brisket nachos…ummm, yea, you need to go!

We saved our picnic table which was right outside the restaurant and ran back and forth between it and the green lawn. A lot of people actually grabbed food and at on the lawn with picnic blankets but I didn’t think that far ahead and a picnic table was good enough for me 😉

yea…the picnic table didn’t last long, they lost their appetites quick when they realized I was going to let them run around wild! #auntlife

I mean really…she’s the Good Union model! Handkerchief and all!

We LOVED the LIVE MUSIC and ambiance of the night. He was incredible and interacted with the audience a lot! Even took requests!

And of course, I treated them to Red Mango | NESTLE Toll House Cafe afterwards where you can literally get fro-yo, fresh squeezed juices, ice cream, ice cream cake and coffee {good coffee} all in the same place. They have so much and it’s ALL YUMMY!

I definitely recommend CITYLINE to take kids to when they have these outdoor events. It’s safe, fun and you can get enjoy the evening as well as enjoy watching the kiddos play. Just be sure to treat them to a sweet treat afterwards 😉

CITYLINE is also fun to spend…


We came out to meet friends for a afternoon lunch and enjoyed the fresh weather! There’s so many places to sit and walk around afterwards. 

I am still experiencing the place myself but what I’ve seen so far, I love! Raymond and I will be doing a hotel stay at the ALOFT HOTEL when it’s finished being built next month! Again, if you’re from the Dallas area, this is a great place to come for you next date night or just a new, fresh hangout spot with friends.

Click this link for all the current specials each retail spot has to offer.

Until next time…

Much Love, Loves



P.S Look out for Pt. 2



Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and ladies, I know a gift you will love receiving this love day! Your very own, unique, feminine, classy, wooden watch. I never thought about having a wooden watch until JORD reached out and gifted me this gorgeous timepiece. It’s one of the coolest women’s watches I have ever worn. Plus, they have men’s watches too, hint, hint, ladies! I’m definitely getting Raym one (shh, don’t tell him)! I love how earthy it is, easy to pair with outfits and soooo lightweight. I’m also loving how unique it is and how much people notice it vs. a metal/leather one. No one has anything like it unless it’s a JORD!

Check out how I’ve fit it into my wardrobe + lifestyle over the past few months…#sorrynotsorry for the pic overload, I just truly love wearing and styling this watch! 😉 I like pushing the limits with it sometimes and it always works out in my favor and gives my outfit an edgy yet sophisticated, casual chicy look.  Imagine your options!

| I LOVE the packaging it comes in! A wooden box for my wooden watch! |

Channeling my inner #CaraDelevingne

| Perfect for a coffee date |

| Pretty in Pink |

Clearly, this watch is super versatile and a must-have for your wardrobe. TIP: I’ve found that having different accessories with unique textures mixed in with your wardrobe really make all the difference for an outfit. It’s called details and they always go noticed rather than unnoticed. 😉 I used to not care to accessorize that much but since I’ve been in the industry, I’ve learned that less is more and with this piece, I couldn’t be more right!

Now onto the shopping!!!

Get my EXACT watch HERE 

Shop women’s AKA you,  HERE

Shop your your for your man, bf, bae, baby daddy, dad, bro, etc HERE

Much Love, loves and HAPPY LOVE MONTH!!


| L O L A :: A women’s hygiene post | 

| L O L A :: A women’s hygiene post | 

Meet LOLA.

I first learned about these little guys on Facebook, of all places. But hey, FB does their job at advertising.

What stuck out to me was the fact that they DO NOT CONTAIN additives, synthetics, chemicals or dyes. I had to find out more so I followed the link and VOILA!

A little background on me and my time of the month…

I quit using regular old tampons {I was a Tampax Pearl girl for a long time} over 5 years ago when a friend told me about the Diva Cup. It’s great too however I’m a girl who likes to keep her options open BUT only for products that are safe and NOT harmful to my body.

A lot of people think that things we put in our bodies won’t affect us but long-term they do, in fact.  I truly believe a lot of the things we use in and on our bodies is what is causing so many people to die of various cancers and diseases, so many far too young to die.

I’m really passionate about hygiene products that are safe for women and sadly, many of them aren’t found at Wal-Mart or CVS. Which is super inconvenient for many women. I grew up in a tiny little town and Wally World is the only thing for 40 miles! For that reason alone, is why I LOVE me some LOLA! They literally ship straight to your door! No more embarrassing and inconvenient runs to your local store plus you can actually  mix-and-match which absorbencies you prefer based on your typical cycle.

Here’s how it works:


Choose your preferred assortment of 18 light, regular, and super tampons


Decide how many boxes you’d like


Select your shipment frequency — and cancel or modify your subscription anytime.


I know, I know, how much are they, right? A F F O R D A B L E  just $10 a box or two for $18. I just looked up the price for Tampax Pearl at Cheap McCheap Cheap Wally World and are they cheaper there, yes BUT you have to ask yourself the question, “Am I putting the best product available in my body?” What would you do for your daughter if you knew the long-term effects it could have on her? I know what I would do and again, the convenience factor is enough to say YES to! As I always say, pay now or pay later meaning I would rather take care of myself now and use products that are healthier then pay a doctor visit later when I’m having side effects from unhealthy products I used over the years.

Can you tell I’m passionate? Haha…

Check out my little photo shoot I had with the adorable box it’s sent in! You’ll seriously be so excited when it’s that time of the month!

Here are more deets taken straight from the LOLA website:


  • 100% hypoallergenic cotton
  • Compact, BPA-free plastic applicator
  • No chemicals, synthetics, or dyes
  • Superior leakage protection
  • Tampon is 100% biodegradable
  • Cotton is sourced in Europe

*SIDE NOTE: I have a lot of friends out there who are concerned about “organic” versus “natural.” LOLA is considered Natural and when asked about it on Facebook this was their reply, “Hi Ladies, LOLA tampons are not organic. However, our cotton is completely free of genetically modified organisms, and it goes through a non-bleach based cleansing process that uses oxygen instead of chlorine.”

Honestly, that’s good enough for me because the biggest plus is that it’s not soaked in bleach during the cleansing process. That really matters. This may be TMI but as I was beginning to write this post, I remembered back when I used Tampax Pearl’s and how it hurt when I would insert it. OUCH! I’m happy to say that with LOLA that didn’t happen at all! Just smooth and comfortable.

If you are in my neck of the woods, ask me for one, I share!


Much love, loves!


P.S. PLEEEEEEEAAAASE share this with all your girlfriends!!! THIS IS SOOOOOOO CRUCIAL and lots of our girls don’t know any better. Help me? Also, if you have any further questions please feel free to comment below or DM me on Instagram! I LOVE hearing from you!

High School Sweetheart Pt. I

High School Sweetheart Pt. I

In honor of my husband’s 28th birthday today, I wanted to share a little on how we met…

14 years ago, I was a brand new freshmen at Commerce High school. It was September and I was on a bus to SMU in Dallas for FCA {Fellowship of Christian Athletes} game day. My best friend, Andrea and I were so excited to go and stuck together the whole time, boy was it fun! On the way back, there was a guy sitting behind us named Raymond. I only knew of him but Andrea knew his whole family and exactly who he was. They chatted for a while while I listened in and long story short, we ended up sitting together and talked the entire way home! He played football and was on Varsity so I thought I was so cool because he was playing every Friday night and would find me in the stands and wave! He’s always made me feel special and what I admire about him the most is his relationship with God and his love for people.

We dated for almost 10 years before we were married in 2012. It’s been an amazing journey to say the least! We even have our own little combined name thing going on: Raychar | Cute, I know!

Here are some snaps from over the years…

 . . . . . . . . . . .

Chilling at my aunts house. This is high school days… 2007image

A kiss just after we ate lunch together. I think we were just about to get engaged. Fun fact: we worked together for almost 3 years before and after we were married. 2011

PC: @Malorielouisa


The day he proposed…in a HOT AIR BALOON! Seriously, amazing! 2012


HONEYMOONERS!! Riviera Maya 2012image

dressing up on our honeymoonimage

our first apartment: downtown dallas 2012image

Rangers game 2012image

getting in shape for a 5k Haha 2013image

Summer boat days 2014image

Easter 2015image

Florida Family Vacay 2015


sunset pics in florida 2015image

Love my soccer man 2015image

it’s snowinggggggg!!! 2015image

Roadtrippin’ 2015image

turning 27, he looks too good 😉image

Merry Christmas 2015image

Texas State Fair 2015IMG_0063

His best friend’s wedding at the Joule 2015IMG_0187IMG_0181

date night 2015IMG_0722

chilling watching Star Wars with our favorite nephew, Paxton2016IMG_0773

Brunch at Blue Mesa 2016IMG_0926

Brunch at Chocolate Angel 2015IMG_1051

We had a blast skiing this year in CO with friends 2016imageimageimageimageimageimage

Engagement pic 2012


Our wedding kiss 🙂 2012image

another engagement pic 2012image

If you saw my IG’s from last night you will know our place was filled with the smell of yummy foods! Here’s the deeds: First off, I made him a delicious roast from Trader Joe’s + side salad! While he feasted on that, I quickly put my surprise in the oven then joined him at the table. 55 minutes later I brought him his FAVORITE…fresh, hot banana bread + a mini jug of milk {i went Tiff’s Treats on him!}. Isn’t he cute!?


I love, love, love this angel!

Happy birthday, handsome man. You truly make me the happiest person ever.

Much love, loves,


P.S If this is something you enjoyed reading and would like to hear more about our story, comment below and like! your feedback is important to me and i love hearing from you 😉