Sseko | Wear this Brand. Send a Girl to College.

Sseko is a brand like no other. When you buy clothes, shoes, oversized luggage bags, do you ever dream of those funds actually going to help someone. Much less actually help an impoverished woman go to college! But at Sseko {pronounced Say-ko} that’s exactly what happens and I couldn’t be more excited to share this brand with you…see more of their story here. The videos are so inspiring!

You see…I am all about empowering women in every way I possibly can. With this brand, we have the perfect opportunity to help just by purchasing from their very wide selection. Have you seen their leather bags?? Obsessed is an understatement! I am already wanting one for Fall!!! Check them out here! I have a discount code at the bottom so keep reading and share with your friends 😉

Ssekos are perfect pool side!

Did you see my unveiling on IG stories? If not, watch this. I love how they package each pair of sandals!

This could not be ore amazing…

So if after you read this and you’re like me and want everything on their website, “lucky for you {that’s what I like!} I have a DISCOUNT CODE! Enter ‘LOVECHARITY’ for 15% off at checkout and start shopping here because it’s only valid through the end of August. Hello Fall Style! Check out how I styled them…

Sseko White Gold Crossover Slides are my jam!
Bella loves Mommy in her Ssekos!

I’ll be updating outfits with these loves on as I go so be sure to check back here and on IG.  + Shop my EXACT sandals here!

Much Love, Loves!

Charity S.

btw, today is mine and Raymond’s 5th ANNIVERSARY!!!! Cabo is NEXT week!!!! Woohoo!


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