Banana Republic | Spring Collection 2017

A couple of weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to be the face of Banana Republic’s Spring Styling event in Frisco, TX. WHAT AN HONOR! The in-store event was a way to share the Spring Collection with everyone through my eyes and style shoppers that came in.

As I do before all my events, I go try on {which is so much fun} and pick out my personal favorites to share! If you follow me on IG stories, you saw me in the dressing room, snapping away!

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I’ll be honest with you, I hadn’t been to Banana in a minute mainly because my lifestyle doesn’t call for business attire on the regular. When I think of Banana, I don’t think of casual wear, I think, work wear. However, there are times that I do need more of a business look and what I loved most about Banana’s Spring collection are all the colors they incorporate into office attire. For the record, they have luscious tees and incredible denim and black skinnies that fit wonderfully. Not to mention the classic dresses! Since this event’s main promoting was for pants, I passed on the dresses but I’ve linked my faves from the collection HERE!

When you think office, business or dressy casual attire, you think cheesy patterns, black and white. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good black and white outfit and most times you see me, you can bet i’ll be in both but Spring and Fall call for warm or bright pops of color! Just look at how fun these pants are!


I almost didn’t try them on but decided with this denim blouse I needed to and just look at the outcome! ALL OUT C H I C !Something really cool about this look is the fact that when I picked it up I didn’t realize that it  wasn’t a trench until I walked out of the dressing room and the Manager of the store said that she loved how I styled it as an over the shoulder jacket because it was a DRESS! One word: VERSATILE

I love pieces you can do so much with! You get your money’s worth, for sure!

This off the shoulder blouse had me at HELLO!


* * * * * * *



img_0136Of course my Momma and sweet family (niece, Preslyn Crystal is shown with her) came to support and SHOP! We raise ’em right!

My gorgeous friends, Bethany (left) and Kristi (right) modeled how different body types looked in this blouse that was definitely the hit of the night!

Going out to model this look!

Making new friends!

How CHIC is this pin striped blouse??? Esp with these pants! They reminded me of my dad so much! I’m his twin anyways and i felt like him in these so much! The blue color is great and these pants are comfy as all get out!Yallllll, these heels are FAB! Banana peeps call them the 12-hour heels because you are supposed to last 12 hours in them-it’s no lie. They really do. I bought them! img_0130And that’s a WRAP!

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Much Love, Loves,


Photography | Kristi Patel {IG @ksypatel}

P.S. Did you notice my hair? @rachel.rush is a queen!

A special thank you to the Banana Republic staff at Stonebriar Centre in Frisco, TX. Manager, Morgan Nobles, I appreciate your leadership. You have a great team!


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