Chloe Crossbody Dupe for $10

I found this little gem at the beginning of Summer and haven’t changed purses since! I knew it looked familiar when I saw it and with so many retail buyers looking for that perfect dupe to add to their “everyday woman” in-store collection, this is the perfect and convenient {hello, Tarjay} addition! Let’s face it, lot’s of women shop when they run to the store to grab groceries, hygiene products, etc and just happen to mosey through the women’s section! Haha…we all do it 😉

When I saw that it was on major sale, I just had to show you the comparison between the Chloe and Target’s Mossimo brand…now look at the price tag! Yea, I’ll take 2 of those!

PLUS, IT’S ON MAJOR SALE!!!!!! Did I already mention that?

Faux leather crossbody-target
Mossimo $34.99 Now $10.48 (70% off)
CHLOE satchel $795

The biggest styling tip when I’m shopping for myself or with clients is to shop for and invest in neutrals and basics, meaning spend some money on THEM vs. dropping a ton on the latest trending color! Neutrals will always be in style and give off a classy vibe. Now when Summer rolls around, I toss the color rule right out the window and buy inexpensive trendy, colorful handbags and accessory pieces. It’s the current style but won’t be for long, so don’t spend a ton on them. The great thing about the color of this trendy summer piece is that it’s a rich orange color which makes it the perfect transitional piece from Spring to Fall! Not brave enough for orange? Target has an adorable cognac and black one as well….again, so versatile for fall. If I can get my hands on those, you will see them in future pics! {headed there tonight}

I know, I know, you want the link…so HERE ya go! Sold in stores only, so run to your nearest store.

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