High School Sweetheart Pt. I

In honor of my husband’s 28th birthday today, I wanted to share a little on how we met…

14 years ago, I was a brand new freshmen at Commerce High school. It was September and I was on a bus to SMU in Dallas for FCA {Fellowship of Christian Athletes} game day. My best friend, Andrea and I were so excited to go and stuck together the whole time, boy was it fun! On the way back, there was a guy sitting behind us named Raymond. I only knew of him but Andrea knew his whole family and exactly who he was. They chatted for a while while I listened in and long story short, we ended up sitting together and talked the entire way home! He played football and was on Varsity so I thought I was so cool because he was playing every Friday night and would find me in the stands and wave! He’s always made me feel special and what I admire about him the most is his relationship with God and his love for people.

We dated for almost 10 years before we were married in 2012. It’s been an amazing journey to say the least! We even have our own little combined name thing going on: Raychar | Cute, I know!

Here are some snaps from over the years…

 . . . . . . . . . . .

Chilling at my aunts house. This is high school days… 2007image

A kiss just after we ate lunch together. I think we were just about to get engaged. Fun fact: we worked together for almost 3 years before and after we were married. 2011

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The day he proposed…in a HOT AIR BALOON! Seriously, amazing! 2012


HONEYMOONERS!! Riviera Maya 2012image

dressing up on our honeymoonimage

our first apartment: downtown dallas 2012image

Rangers game 2012image

getting in shape for a 5k Haha 2013image

Summer boat days 2014image

Easter 2015image

Florida Family Vacay 2015


sunset pics in florida 2015image

Love my soccer man 2015image

it’s snowinggggggg!!! 2015image

Roadtrippin’ 2015image

turning 27, he looks too good 😉image

Merry Christmas 2015image

Texas State Fair 2015IMG_0063

His best friend’s wedding at the Joule 2015IMG_0187IMG_0181

date night 2015IMG_0722

chilling watching Star Wars with our favorite nephew, Paxton2016IMG_0773

Brunch at Blue Mesa 2016IMG_0926

Brunch at Chocolate Angel 2015IMG_1051

We had a blast skiing this year in CO with friends 2016imageimageimageimageimageimage

Engagement pic 2012


Our wedding kiss 🙂 2012image

another engagement pic 2012image

If you saw my IG’s from last night you will know our place was filled with the smell of yummy foods! Here’s the deeds: First off, I made him a delicious roast from Trader Joe’s + side salad! While he feasted on that, I quickly put my surprise in the oven then joined him at the table. 55 minutes later I brought him his FAVORITE…fresh, hot banana bread + a mini jug of milk {i went Tiff’s Treats on him!}. Isn’t he cute!?


I love, love, love this angel!

Happy birthday, handsome man. You truly make me the happiest person ever.

Much love, loves,


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