| Dressing up JOGGERS | 

 We all love to wear ’em but do we know how to style them to make them NOT look like we just walked out in our pajamas!?
I know, I know…it’s a toughy. BUT TOTALLY DOABLE!

At first, when I put these on I paired it with a simple, slim black tee {Mossimo from Target}. I was heading to the salon and Rachel { my hair dresser and friend} and I were going to go out for dinner after so I didn’t want to be TOO casual. SO I decided to DRESS UP MY JOGGERS by adding a simple WHITE SILK BLAZER {given to me by a friend 3 years prior}. I love the way it dressed this super casual outfit and took it to a whole new level. PLUS, adding a pair of DEMI WEDGE SANDALS into the mix set it off even more! I was ready for the hair salon + early dinner date! Pony tail for daytime and down straight for dinner!! It was perfect and did I mention I felt like I was in my pajamas ALL DAY!?

These joggers were compliments of my sister, Crustal {IG: @cryspyo}. She bought them in the Summer from Forever for like $12 and graciously let me borrow them today…JUST KIDDING…I stole them from her!! But that’s what sisters do, right!? Any who, a VERY SPECIAL THANKS to my sis for allowing me to wear them today!

I have a plaid pair that I wore a few years back for a photoshoot. Here’s the pic:

 High Fashion + Casual Photoshoot from 2013 with my best friend @malorielouisa. 📸: Bryce Faulkner

What’s funny is that I’m wearing the exact same white silk blazer with these plaid joggers! I guess I just like the way it instantly dresses them up!

Try it out and tag me in your Instagram or Facebook post to show me YOUR joggers!

Much love, loves! 💋



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  1. Girl you are sooooo crazy… And yes, you did steal them but I still love you!!! And you looked fabulous by the way! 😘 I love you sissy! You’re beautiful!

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