First Short haircut….EVER!! ✂️

GROWING up, I always had long hair. My parents never wanted me to cut it because my sisters and I had this gorgeous long hair that was really manageable. My Mom LOVED putting our hair in side ponytails, pigtails, you name a tail, we had it! We always went in to get our dead ends trimmed off but never an actual shorter haircut or style. I remember for my 13th birthday, my cousin bought me a gift certificate to a local salon so I could get layers out in my hair. So sweet and I guess she was telling me something! Haha. 😄 At any rate, long hair had always been my life until this happened…


Now before this, I had been to a couple salons to get subtle highlights and lowlights, never anything more but I had decided I wanted a full blown ombré where the bottom of my hair would be completely blonde. I had a friend that told me she could do it and it would save me a lot of money, so I bought the supplies and she did it. Long story short, I ended up stripping my hair because it was too much blonde too soon. Also, it came out a little more yellowish than we had intended. So, I wore my hair in a bun everyday while I decided what I would do next! In the meantime, I met someone along the way…

BACKSTORY: for my hubby’s 26th bday, I threw him a huge party at Seasons 52 in Plano and invited all of his buddies, including one he hadn’t seen in over 10 years from the town we grew up in! He brought his girlfriend who ended becoming MY friend. Sean and Raymond would play soccer together on Friday nights so our bleacher talks were pretty amazing and of course she would see my hair. She later revealed to me she had been hoping I would ask her to help me and do a full color correction.

At any rate, Rachel asked me if I would let her fix my hair and I reluctantly went and it was GREATNESS! I can’t even begin to tell you how fresh, soft and amazing my hair felt after just one visit. She color corrected, toned it, did a deep conditioner. THE WORKS!

Here are a few pics of how it looked: imageimageimage

I kept this style for about 10 months and loved it! I always got so many compliments, sent Rachel a lot of clients, did so many fun hairstyles and just really enjoyed having the color. Here are a couple shots from the very first photo session I did with her and for her:

imageI absolutely ADORE this hairstyle she did one me! Hello volume and curls! image

And a few of my fave shots with my hair:image

window pic.

imagevacay in FLORIDA! imageUsed hot rollers and loved the outcome!

THERE weren’t really any downsides to having this hair however, I still had existing damage that wouldn’t go away from the first time it went super blonde. This caused major frizz no matter how much product I put on it. But hey, it looked amazing when styled and honestly wasn’t too bad but we are are own worst critics and I am very picky about my hair, even though you may not think so! 😂 Rachel told me that my hair was really strong and though it had been through a lot, it still maintained its beauty and lustre.

But after awhile, I just got a hankering for something new…

Rachel and I jointly decided that after all this time I still had damage that no matter what it would still be there from the first time it was done. Just the way the texture of my hair is and it was constantly frizzy because of it. {My hair is a muffassa mane naturally☺️}.

I was in Florida on family vacation {see above pic} and I texted Rachel a picture I had seen on Pinterest of Adriana Bailon’s short hair. {I always look up people who have similar features and skin coloring to see what will look good on me!} And I said, “alright I’m ready!” “Let’s go short!” She was like “really”!?? I said YES!! Let’s do it! She said, “I can get you tomorrow morning!” I was SO excited and I knew for the late Summer and early Fall short hair was SO in! All the more reason! But mainly bc it needed it. I’m all about sacrifice for a healthy life and my head needed it–BAD!

Here re are a few pics from Rachel’s chair at Modern Luxe Salon: image

this was right when she cut it! Loved it even then!


Rachy poo!image✂️ First selfie with short hair!

RACHEL is huge on taking pics before and after for ALL of her clients for social media purposes which means…PHOTO SHOOT!! 📷📷📷📷📷imageimageimageimageimageimage2 weeks after…and still looking good! My hair grows SO fast! image

Wow, what a great transformation and perfect for my busy lifestyle! Although I am planning to grow it out I ABSOLUTELY adore it and recommend the cut and color to anyone wanting it!

A little about Rachel, she is the real deal and extremely talented! Right now she is at NYFW doing hair for the models! How cool is that? She is always keeping up with the latest trends and styles. She makes you feel so amazing and actually listens to you when you tell her what you want. She will recommend and usually her recommendation are spot on! Check her out on IG: @rachel.rush

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