Hello There, Beautiful!


It’s pretty exciting when you have the opportunity to tell the whole world about your life…your beauty secrets, your deepest thoughts, outfit details, phrases you say, embarrassing things that happen to you, foods you love, family life, etc. The more posts, the more your personality comes out and people either like it or they don’t. I contemplated starting this for a long time now…I know you all will enjoy it. After all, who doesn’t enjoy girly stuff!?  This is an amazing world we live in and I’m glad to share MINE with YOU!

As many of you know, beauty, fashion & people are my deepest passions and with so many of you requesting YouTube “How-to” tutorial videos, I just figured it would be easy to make a one-stop-shop for everyone…including myself {I can be a little scatterbrained at times, but who isn’t?!} I plan to use this space to be a free, fun girl and also share from my heart on relationships, love & eveything in between! Feel free to comment below with something you would like to see.

xxoo Charity

Steamboat Springs , CO Feb. 2016 SackclothxAshes blanket

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